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Flexicovers dealers are part of an exclusive global network of trusted and approved suppliers of Flexicovers products.
By becoming a Flexicovers dealer, you’ll benefit from trade discounts and be able to offer our internationally renowned products to your customers. After establishing our business over 50 years ago, we’ve built up an incredible customer base and reputation, with demand for our products recognised worldwide. When you join the Flexicovers Dealer Network, you’ll put your business in the prestigious position of offering quality products that are highly revered in the industry and in demand across the globe.

Registered dealers will be advertised on our website, with their full contact details making it easy for customers to get in touch directly.
Interested in becoming a Flexicovers dealer? It’s easy to get started – simply get in touch with us today on +44 (0)1202 721309 or send an email to

Why Become a Flexicovers Dealer?

When you’re a Flexicovers dealer, you gain more than just the reputation of selling our products.

Flexicovers dealers benefit from:

• Discounted Trade Prices
Registered dealers have the exclusive advantage of viewing our products at trade prices on the website. This opportunity isn’t available to regular customers. On top of this, we’ve built in a 33% margin available on the dealer discounted prices!

• Fast Turnaround to Boost Your Business
You’ll be able to get OEM products within 6 weeks, making it possible to quickly fulfil customer requests, reducing lead times and increasing profit.

• Reputable Advertising
We’ll advertise that you are part of our Dealer Network on our website, making it easier for customers to see your business’ location and contact you directly.

• One-to-One Customer Service
We don’t interfere with your customer interactions, leaving you to build up a rapport and client base in your area. Your business will also be able to take charge of any fitting services or additional services that we cannot supply from a distance, resulting in the potential for further profits.

How to Become a Flexicovers Dealer

The process of becoming a Flexicovers dealer is simple. To register, or to find out more information, simply get in touch with a member of our team. You can call us on +44 (0)1202 721309 or send an email to We’ll be able to explain the process in more detail, and get you signed up to our exclusive Dealer Network.

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After establishing our company in 1974, we quickly become recognised as a key contender when it came to supplying our products to high quality luxury vessel owners and manufacturers.

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