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Sunbrella Plus is the standard material specifacation for all campers and bimini covers supplied to Sunseeker, Princess, Fairline and Sealine.

Sunbrella Supreme is available in various colours with a black or linen flock lining at extra cost.

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Beige Chine 5089 152
Terra Orange 5084 152
Burgundy 5034 152
Jockey Red 5029 152
Walnut 5470 152
Dune 5026 152
Toast 5528 152
Heather Beige 5572 152
Dark Smoke 5085 152
Natural 5020 152
Oyster 5030 152
Hemp Beige 5048 152
Taupe 5548 152
Pastel Mint 5062 152
Frosty Chine 5086 152
Teal Tweed 5056 152
Forest Green 5040 152
Silver 5035 152
Cadet Grey 5530 152
Flanelle 5087 152
Charcoal Grey 5049 152
Charcoal Pique 5088 152
Graphite 5082 152
Blue Smoke 5069 152
Pacific Blue 5023 152
Ocean Blue 5055 152
Marine Blue 5031 152
Silver Blue 5070 152
Captain Navy 5057 152
Dark Navy 5058 152
Jet Black 5032 152


When choosing a quality fabric, it is important to recognise the raw material from which it derives. All Sunbrella fabrics are made from solution dyed acrylic yarns. Contrary to other yarns, from which colour is obtained by a simple bath, Sunbrella solution dyed acrylic is made by adding the colour at the beginning of the production process, when the acrylic is still liquid. It is, therefore, coloured “to the heart” whereas some yarns are coloured on the surface only. Sunbrella solution dyed acrylic yarn is the guarantee of an exceptional durability of the colours over time.

New Sunbrella® marine fabrics are backed with a 10 year limited warranty. The other marine Sunbrella® fabrics (Sunbrella Plus, Supreme, Cushions) are backed with a 5 year limited warranty (except Furling and Furling Adhesive). See general warranty conditions on

This approval certifies that the acrylic fabrics with waterproofing treatment are non toxic. The tests prove the absence of smell, carcinogenic colourings, volatile components or even pesticides in the fabrics carrying this logo.

The Greenguard designation ensures that New Sunbrella and Sunbrella Cushions fabrics are a low-emitting product and can be used indoors or in any application where enhanced air quality is preferred with the confidence that these fabrics with contribute to healthy indoor air.

ISO 9001
Dickson Constant is ISO 9001 certified since June 2003. This international certification from the Bureau Veritas Certification shows Dickson-Constants’ desire to advance in the evolution of progress and to respond even better to its customers requirements. It symbolises recognition and efficiency of its quality service.

Whether amateur or professional, sailors expect their marine fabrics to be very strong, but also to offer a high degree of solar protection. All sunbrella® fabrics* are now rated between UPF30+ and UPF50+: they offer an excellent protection against UV rays, protecting all skin types from the harmful effects of the sun. *Except Furling, Furling Adhesive and Cushions.

Since 2005, Sunbrella® marine fabrics benefit from the “Seal of Recommendation” of the Skin Cancer Foundation, for their “effective contribution to preventing skin damage caused by the sun”. This international award is judged by an independent photobiology committee made up of experts on the effects if solar radiation and skin cancer. Difficult to obtain (involving intensive tests, strict criteria) it guarantees customers effective protection.

Care and Cleaning

Outdoor Fabrics refer to woven textiles made from a variety of synthetic fibres such as acrylic, especially made for outdoor use. These breathable fabrics are made “water repellent” by a chemical treatment process during manufacturing. The treated fabric repels (beads) water, resists soiling, both water and oil based stains and impedes mildew formation. With time and use the original repellency treatment is diminished, making periodic cleaning and retreatment necessary.

The key to keeping your outdoor fabric looking great and extending its life is periodic cleaning followed by repellency retreatment. For the best results, use a mild soap diluted in luke warm water for cleaning, and then retreat your fabric with a water repellent product. This last one restores your fabrics’ lost water-repellency. It stops leaks, resists soiling, impedes mildew formation and protects against the sun’s harmful UV rays. It is also very efficient in preventing seam leakage. For more information:



Sunbrella Plus

Traditional marine canvas range with exceptional UV & UPF protection qualities. Wide range of colours. 

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Ferrari Stamoid

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